Trunk Show – You will travel with me on my journey from beginning piecer to professional long arm quilter, with lots of show & tell along the way!!

How Should I Quilt This? – This lecture is all about how to go about deciding how to quilt your quilt top.  You will leave this lecture with ideas and tips on how to devise a quilting plan for your quilt tops.  If we have time, we may be able to take some quilt tops from the audience to discuss.  This can either be a lecture or a 2 hour class.


A little about my classes and teaching style….I believe that no matter what level you are starting at, you should be able to walk away from a class with knowing how to quilt overall patterns plus designs to fit into squares, triangles and borders, so that YOU can custom quilt your quilts.  I have also developed workbooks as an accessory for my classes that you can take home and will provide you hours of practice and they also make a great reference tool.

20160223_165000-1_resizedBeginning Your Journey With Free Motion Quilting on your domestic machine/sit down longarm or long arm machines – In this class you will learn fun and easy designs that will allow you to start finishing your own quilt tops.  I will show you overall designs plus designs that will work in blocks, triangles and sashings and borders.  You will leave this class with a multitude of designs and ideas on how to start your journey in free motion quilting.  This is a 4 hour class.

Beyond the Basics –  Intermediate I Free Motion Quilting on your domestic machine/sit down longarm or long arm machine – If you have beginner’s experience with free motion quilting then it’s time to learn some more designs to make your quilt tops come to life.  You will leave this class with fun designs and also ways to change up basic designs to give them more zing!  We will also discuss how batting choice and thread choice play a part in your quilting.  This is a 4 hour class

Continuing Your Journey – Intermediate II Free Motion Quilting on your domestic machine/sit down longarm or long arm machine – This class is an extension to the Intermediate I class.  You will learn more designs and tips and ideas to make your quilt tops “pop”.  The more designs you have on hand the more options you have for your quilting designs!!  This class may have some ruler work involved.  This is a 4 hour class.



Feathers in Free Motion!! – this class can be for domestic machines, sit down longarms and stand up longarms.  In this class you will learn the ins and outs of feathers.  Learn how there are many feather designs and how to quilt them.  Feathers are such a favorite of so many and there are so many different types of feathers to learn!!  This is always a fun class.  Previous Free motion experience is needed for this class.


20150901_123843_resizedFrom Ordinary To Extraordinary!  (hands-on class) (this can be on a longarm or domestic machine).  Take your custom quilting to the next level and really make your quilts sing!!  Students will move onto learning more intricate quilt designs and micro quilting taking their quilting to heirloom quilting level. Students will have the opportunity to quilt their own pre-marked, whole cloth quilt.  This is a 3-4 hour class.

20160703_142717_resizedGet Your Custom On!!
Take your quilting to the next level by incorporating everything you already can do and take it “outside of the box”.  You will walk away with a fun project that you can be proud to display.



20151228_101532_resizedQuilts Rule…..with Ruler Work!!
Learn a great technique to take your free motion quilting to the next level by adding ruler work.  Learn how to use long arm rulers….whether on a long arm machine or a domestic machine (requires free motion ruler foot).  Learn the steps to get perfect designs and precision that comes with using rulers and then learn different techniques to make those designs stand out!

Shadow Trapunto Class – Learn the technique of Shadow Trapunto.  This is a fun technique that once you learn it can open up many possibilities to what you can do with it.   In this class you will make a small shadow trapunto piece.
Shadow Trapunto (974x1024)20151022_074622_resized (2)

Cut-away Applique – What a fun technique this can be, whether you know how to free motion quilt or not, you can still do this technique.  In the class, you will be making a table runner to learn this technique, but once you know how this works, the ideas are limitless!!





Not Your Grandma’s Hanky! – In this class you will take a vintage hanky (one of your own or choose one that I have available for a small fee), and learn to make it into a work of art that you can display instead of keeping those vintage linens tucked away in a drawer!!  While free motion quilting is helpful with this class, it is not necessary.
Vintage Finished20160516_085757_resized20160702_115143-1_resized

Superior Thread’s Threadology Workshop – in this workshop your students will receive instruction on all of the Superior Threads.  They will then get time to stitch and play with a wide variety of Superior Threads on their domestic machines.

Private Long Arm Quilting Lessons

Private lessons are available.  Please contact me for further details.

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  1. chris gordon

    I will be in your class Quilts Rule with Ruler Work. I read the supply list and wonder if I need 4 fabric sandwiches or just 2 at 18″ by 21″ Also, what is a long arm ruler. Will you have one to share ? Or, what ruler would you recommend? See you at MQX Thanks
    Chris Gordon

    1. Post author

      Chris – I sent you a personal email. Did you get it? Looking forward to meeting you at MQX!!


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