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First a little about myself.  I am married and have three adult children, and two granddaughters.  I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I first started piecing quilts in 1998.  I have learned a lot since that time and most likely have a lot more to learn.

While visiting quilt shows for several years I always seemed to gravitate towards the demo long arm machines.   I then ventured out and purchased a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 Sitdown long arm.  I truly loved this machine.  After about two years of using that, I decided to start my own business and I upgraded my machine to a HQ Avante 18 with a 12 foot table.  Talk about stage freight……I was scared to touch the machine for the first two weeks I had it!!!

I specialize in free motion custom quilting.  My quilting is hand driven and not computerized.  I just love the creative side of quilting and you will more than likely find me at my long arm more often than I am piecing quilts at my regular sewing machine anymore.

My quilting philosophy is this……I believe that each quilt is special and deserves quilting that accentuates it’s beauty and uniqueness.

While I specialize in custom quilting, I can also provide quilting from edge to edge designs (overall patterns)  to custom quilting.

I teach free-motion quilting classes using your home machines, mid-arms, or longarms.  These classes enable quilters to finish their own quilts.  In each level of classes (beginners, intermediate or advanced) I teach designs that include all over patterns, and designs that will fit into squares, triangles and sashings, so that when you are done with a class you will be able to quilt one of your own quilt tops using what you have learned in class.

I also offer private long arm quilting lessons.

I am a Handi Quilter National Educator and a Superior Threads Certified Threadologist.

Thanks you for taking the time to get to know me and I hope you enjoy my blog!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Libby Brown

    I am so excited for you Jane. You have grown by leaps & bounds and your quilting is beautiful!
    Kind of proud to say I knew you when! LOL!

    1. jdonovan62@verizon.net Post author

      Libby – thank you for your kind words and your support!! I have the best group of ladies as friends!!!


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