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Things Don’t Always Work Out as Planned!!

Things don’t always work out as planned, do they?  Life is certainly interesting and it always amazes me how things work out in the end.

Earlier this month I was supposed to teach at Birds of A Feather Event in Virginia.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances (I won’t bore you with the details!!), my classes were cancelled.    I was a little disappointed, but in the end it all worked out, as my husband ended up in the hospital, and I probably would have had to cancel anyway.  My husband is doing well, and in the end all worked out for the best!!  I’m a firm believer that when one door closes, another door will open!  I do understand that the Birds of A Feather event was a smashing success!!

I taught a free motion beginner’s class yesterday at Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, DE.  This class always does my heart good because most times students come in with a lot of speculation as to whether they can learn this technique or not…..and they end up leaving with smiles on their faces and a confidence in their new skills!!  It’s always fun to see quilters discover free motion quilting, no matter if they are on their domestic machines or a longarm.

I wanted to share a few quilts with you that I have recently completed, as this wouldn’t be fair to hold back on that part of my posts…..now would it!! 🙂

Pat’s Dresden Wall Hanging that is currently being displayed at the Greenbelt Courthouse.

Ellen’s Firefly Quilt

A sneak peek of Ellen’s newest NY Beauty Quilt.

My banner for when I go to shows.

These two pictures are from my latest quilt.  I will post more pictures when I am able to get it totally finished.

I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather…..in February no less!!!!

Happy Quilting!!

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A New Age!!

A local quilt shop (Peggy’s Sewing Center) did a Block of the Month this year.  The BOM is called A New Age by Nancy Rink Designs and Marcus Fabrics.  It uses Aged Muslin and there were different colorways you could choose.  I did not participate in this BOM, as I have come to realize that that is just too much pressure…..LOL!!!

I have to say that I have four spaces reserved by people wanting me to quilt their BOM quilt.  This is a challenge for me, as I don’t want the quilts to look similar with the quilting, so it will be fun to reveal them all as I get them quilted….or I may wait until I quilt the last one and post all the pictures together!!

Anyway….this one belongs to Peggy.  I definitely had a lot of fun with this!!!












I had a hard time figuring out the color thread to use with this, but ended up with a very pale gray, and it absolutely looks great on this!!!





I really do love how this turned out, and as I said, it will be a challenge to change up the quilting. The next one has a couple of extra borders and we are going to try to keep it in a “southwest flair” type of quilting.  I actually had to put something else on the frame in between to sort of clear my mind before starting with the next one.  Fortunately, the next two aren’t until October and November!!

I used two battings in this…..Quilters Dream Cotton on the bottom and Quilters Dream Wool on top.  I used Superior Threads So Fine #50 thread.  And of course, this was quilted on my Handi Quilter Avante.  All of this is hand guided free motion and ruler work.


A New Age Quilt – pieced by Peggy Patterson – quilted by Jane Hauprich (Stitch By Stitch Custom Quilting)

Happy Quilting!!!

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Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!!  First and foremost, please let us all remember what Memorial Day is for and be thankful for those that have served our country!!!


It has been awhile since I have posted some pictures of some recent customer quilts, so I thought I would take this opportunity to send you some pretty pictures!!


Vintage String quilt from my Texas customer, Beth!!


Quilt by Gina for her daughter! I am loving these 30’s fabrics!!


Binding Ruler Star Quilt by Eileen!!!


October Sky Quilt by Gina!! These pictures don’t even do this quilt justice!!

20160516_090203_resized 20160516_090152_resized



Debbie’s Christmas Quilt!!


This happy quilt was made by Ellen!

My customer Beth, from Texas, had me quilt this quilt for her awhile back.  She recently posted this picture on Instagram of the quilt on her bed, and how she decorated her room around the quilt…..and even painted a picture to hang above the bed!!


These next two quilts are from Moda.  The first is a Holly Taylor Christmas quilt that is travelling in a Moda trunk show.  The second one is from Erin Michaels and is cats….using cat fabric that she designed.

20160317_153545_resized 20160421_081015_resized 20160421_081113_resized

As we move into the Memorial Day Weekend, I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday!!

Happy Quilting!!

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Perseverance is Everything!!

As I have talked about in earlier blog posts, in these past two years, I have just pursued things that I normally wouldn’t and was grateful for what came my way and worked out.  This meant applying to shows to teach, getting my name out there by social media (it is a very time consuming thing!!), and writing letters to guilds, potential shows, etc.  It is a lot of work.  My philosophy has been that the worse that can happen is that I am told “No”….and what difference does it make.  I would rather try and be told “no” than to never have tried and always wonder what would have happened.

So, I just finished teaching at my first major show at MQX.  I am contracted to teach this July for AQS Syracuse, and am always filling out proposals to teach at other shows.  For those of you who have never done this, it is a time consuming process and a never ending process as every show has different proposal guidelines and deadlines.  And in reality, I would rather be quilting than doing paperwork!!!

So, now for my big news that I hinted at in my last post……..

Last Fall, I had decided to write a letter to HandiQuilter (the maker of the machines that I quilt on), and introduce myself.  I never heard back, but didn’t really stop too long to think about it, as my goal is always to move forward.  It isn’t unusual to hear back from a teaching proposal with a typical…… “thank you for your proposal/email and we will keep you in mind” …..type of thing.

Anyway…..when you are teaching in a HandiQuilter equipped, hands on classroom, there is a HandiQuilter Educator in that room with you.  I have to tell you that this made me extremely nervous, but they (Diane & Susan) were so nice that I instantly felt like we could be fast friends.  After my second day of teaching (this was my long day of classes), I got back to my room and had an email from HandiQuilter Corporate asking me to contact them that evening.  I was terrified……but no need for that….lol!!!  As I was talking to HandiQuilter, they said that I was coming to them as very highly recommended and that they would love to have me join their team as a HandiQuilter Educator and travel for them to attend events that they schedule.  Oh my gosh!!!  I couldn’t even answer that night, as I was exhausted, but after giving it thought for a couple of days, I told them yes!!!!  So, not only will I be able to quilt and teach personally, but I will also get to travel to HandiQuilter events when needed and represent the machines that I love so much!!

I have already met the CEO of the company and several Educators, and have been welcomed with open arms, and on the 24th I leave for three days of training in Salt Lake City.  I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity!!

So…..my advice to everyone….persevere!!!!

Happy Quilting!!


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