Starting the Year with a Bang!!!

This year has certainly started with a bang!!!!  I am sorry this post has taken so long to get out.  Life has a way of taking over, and sitting down and writing usually falls to the bottom of the list.

This past week I attended a week of Educator training at Handi Quilter in Utah.  What a great time it was.  All of us together in one room is always an event to look forward to and cherish.  We were missing two educators, but they were there in spirit.

Here’s a few of us knitting at the hotel in the evening!!

I also had another HQ Live this past week…..all about the newest rulers that have been released to the public.  Here it is if you haven’t had a chance to see it.

I haven’t had much time to work on quilts lately, so I really don’t have any eye candy for you, but I hope to be able to get back to quilting sometime soon!!

How about you…..what quilting are you working on?

Happy Quilting!!!

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4 thoughts on “Starting the Year with a Bang!!!

  1. Doreen Auger

    I see than many blogsters have been a tad slow to post after the New Year. January has its own set of busyness that launches quite quickly……on the heels of the Nov/Dec hectic intensity! It is good to be busy, even if it is way to chilly to step outside and “smell the roses”!!! LOL!

    1. Jane Hauprich Post author

      Hi Doreen – I always feel like January is a chance to start fresh, and always seem to have a long “to do” list to get myself re-organized and ready to hit the ground running. Although a day or two of doing nothing would be nice now and again!! LOL!!

    1. Jane Hauprich Post author

      Hi Kaye!! I am so glad that you liked the video!! And I’m really glad that you are gaining confidence in your free motion!! Woohoo!!!!!


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