It’s off to MQX New Hampshire!!!

I absolutely love teaching and love sharing as much information as I can with my students.  It fills my heart with happiness when I see a student come in to class with doubts about whether they can do free motion quilting, and leave with a smile on their faces because they are much more comfortable with it after the class.  That isn’t necessarily because of my teaching, as it is that they have allowed themselves to try it and have found with practice they really can free motion quilt.  Then they discover that the more they practice, the better they get…..which is so true of so many things in life!!!

I am at this very moment packed up and ready to leave to teach at MQX this week.  Wow….I feel like I have been prepping for weeks!!  Not only did I need to get ready for my classes, but I had made the decision to do a major overhaul on all of my workbooks.  I think as of this evening that I am just about ready!!  Phew!!!

I can’t wait to share pictures and experiences with you when I get back.

Here are some of my most recent quilts that I have had the pleasure of quilting:

Trish’s wallhanging

Ruler Sample that I made

Alice’s Applique Quilt

Alma’s Wallhanging

Debbie’s quilt with computerized edge to edge quilting

Jeannie’s Wall hanging

Andie’s quilt

Andie’s Wall hanging

Ellen’s One Block Wonder Quilt. Original fabric is in the top and bottom border.

I quilted hexagons into the borders!!

Well, I will write again when I get back from MQX and let you know how everything goes.

Happy Quilting!!!

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