Feathers In Free Motion

I recently had the opportunity to film a HQ Live segment for Handi Quilter on Feathers In Free Motion.  I have to say that I was pretty nervous about doing the filming, but Vicki made it so easy.  I had a blast doing the filming and wanted to share the outcome with all of you.


I also have worked on some quilts recently that I didn’t want to forget to show pictures, so here is a little eye candy for you.

This first one is from Jeannie, and we decided on an overall quilting pattern for this one.  Aren’t these colors just gorgeous!?!?!







This next quilt was made by Gina.  The middle is a panel, and the rest is pieced.  She did a beautiful job with this.

I have a couple of other quilts that I will show soon in another post, plus a special visit I had with a young quilter!!

Have a wonderful day and…….Happy Quilting!!








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7 thoughts on “Feathers In Free Motion

  1. Karin

    Great video…enjoyed it immensely. Even though I can do feathers, there is always something new that one can pick up. Was curious about your speed…just got the Sweet 16 and find the transition from the DSM a bit hard. Don’t laugh but I Stitch my feathers at under 10%…any faster than that and I loose control. Do you reckon I should train myself to go faster or just continue with what I am used to. Not really used to having all these different speeds.

    1. jdonovan62@verizon.net Post author

      Karin – No laughing here!! I think you need to work at whatever speed is comfortable for you so that you don’t feel out of control. My guess is that the more comfortable you get with your Sweet Sixteen, that you will be able to increase you speed. I find that with a faster speed, I get a smoother design, but that is what works for me. Congratulations on your Sweet Sixteen!!! I love mine!!!


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