A Very Special Honor!!

Several months ago, I was the guest speaker at Heartland Quilt Guild in Denton, Maryland, which I wrote about in an earlier post, but I will explain here, just in case you missed that one.  I met a young man, Jarrett and his Mom, Nicole, at the meeting.  I originally thought Jarrett was just there with his Mom, and was surprised when it came time for show and tell and he got up and held up a quilt he had recently worked on along with some amazing woodwork that he had done.

I spoke with them after the meeting and suggested that he enter into the Kids Category at MQX.  He did enter into the competition and walked away with a Third Place.  How cool is that!!!  Not only did he get a ribbon, but he received a brand new sewing machine, compliments of Handi Quilter, who was the sponsor for that category.  This sewing machine was so exciting for Jarrett and Nicole, as they had been sharing one machine and taking turns on it.  Now they each have their own machine!!

I recently had Jarrett and his Mom over, so he could see and play with the longarm and see what it is that I do.  He had a wonderful time experimenting with the machine and I am sure one day he will have his own machine!!







While they were there, Jarrett explained that he had been sent a “Mentor Ribbon” to give out, and he wanted to present it to me as he would have never known about the competition without me saying something.

I am so very touched by this.  His Mom should really get the award, as she has mentored him along the way, and she should be extremely proud of her son.  I am thrilled to hang this ribbon very proudly in my quilt room, and of all the ribbons that I have hanging in there, this one has a very special meaning to me!!!  I can’t wait to see what Jarrett does in the future.  I have seen pictures of the next quilt he is working on and it is a beauty!!!

It is such a wonderful thing to see young people interested in sewing and quilting!!  I hope that each of you take time to spread your love of quilting with the younger generation.  You never know who you may inspire and how it may affect their lives.

Happy Quilting!!

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5 thoughts on “A Very Special Honor!!

  1. Linda Jennings

    I was watching you on HQ Live, “Feathers in Free-Motion, but I could not hear you. The other lady spoke loud and clear. So I have no idea what you said and I sure I’m not the only one. I liked that book but I have no idea what your website was.

    1. jdonovan62@verizon.net Post author

      Linda – the initial HQ Live had some technical difficulties, but they have fixed that, so I am definitely easy to hear now. Thanks for watching!!!

  2. Ellen Simmons

    Very heartwarming! Cannot wait to see what comes next for this talented young man. Thanks for giving him a nudge!

  3. Lizzy

    This is awesome!! I am so encouraged by your heart and kindness! It’s very cool to see what you do and how you encourage/spur others on. Thanks for sharing this story.


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