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And the Journey continues……..

So, it is very hard for me to believe that it is already the middle of June.  Where is the time going?  It seems to just fly by these days!!!

I had my first journey as a Handi Quilter National Educator and traveled to Waco, Texas.  I taught four classes at Tomorrow’s Quilts, which is a wonderful quilt shop.  The owner, Angela, is just great!!!  So if you are down in that area, make sure you stop by as there are lots of great fabrics and projects, plus she has three different Handi Quilter long arms to try out!!

I met some fabulous ladies on this trip.  This picture only has some of them as we totally forgot to take a picture until after some of the ladies had already left.  All of the ladies and this quilt shop made my first experience as a Educator a wonderful one.


20160610_084136_resizedI also have to say that I am not a seasoned traveler, so arranging for a cab to pick me up at 4am to take me to the Waco airport……flight delays…..and running through the connecting airport (Dallas) to try to make your connecting flight (which I only had a few minutes to spare) was a huge eye opener for me.  And not only that….just getting used to being in a hotel room by yourself and having to eat by yourself on several occasions is going to take some getting used to!!!  Traveling can be exhausting….lol!!!

This past week I taught two Beginner Free Motion Classes at Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, DE.  All the ladies were so excited about learning free motion and everyone did a splendid job!!








I had been busy working on samples to take with me when I teach for Handi Quilter, but I was able to get a couple of quilts finished recently and wanted to post about them also:

This is a blue-work embroidery quilt that was made by Alice.  Her embroidery work is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed quilting this.20160614_145120-1_resized

Mary did this amazing Judy Niemeyer quilt.  It is all paper pieced and just amazed me as I was working on it.  It must have taken a ton of patience to do all of that!!!



Quilt Back

Quilt Back

Thanks for reading my blog and following me!!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Happy Quilting!!

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