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Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!!  First and foremost, please let us all remember what Memorial Day is for and be thankful for those that have served our country!!!


It has been awhile since I have posted some pictures of some recent customer quilts, so I thought I would take this opportunity to send you some pretty pictures!!


Vintage String quilt from my Texas customer, Beth!!


Quilt by Gina for her daughter! I am loving these 30’s fabrics!!


Binding Ruler Star Quilt by Eileen!!!


October Sky Quilt by Gina!! These pictures don’t even do this quilt justice!!

20160516_090203_resized 20160516_090152_resized



Debbie’s Christmas Quilt!!


This happy quilt was made by Ellen!

My customer Beth, from Texas, had me quilt this quilt for her awhile back.  She recently posted this picture on Instagram of the quilt on her bed, and how she decorated her room around the quilt…..and even painted a picture to hang above the bed!!


These next two quilts are from Moda.  The first is a Holly Taylor Christmas quilt that is travelling in a Moda trunk show.  The second one is from Erin Michaels and is cats….using cat fabric that she designed.

20160317_153545_resized 20160421_081015_resized 20160421_081113_resized

As we move into the Memorial Day Weekend, I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday!!

Happy Quilting!!

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