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Perseverance is Everything!!

As I have talked about in earlier blog posts, in these past two years, I have just pursued things that I normally wouldn’t and was grateful for what came my way and worked out.  This meant applying to shows to teach, getting my name out there by social media (it is a very time consuming thing!!), and writing letters to guilds, potential shows, etc.  It is a lot of work.  My philosophy has been that the worse that can happen is that I am told “No”….and what difference does it make.  I would rather try and be told “no” than to never have tried and always wonder what would have happened.

So, I just finished teaching at my first major show at MQX.  I am contracted to teach this July for AQS Syracuse, and am always filling out proposals to teach at other shows.  For those of you who have never done this, it is a time consuming process and a never ending process as every show has different proposal guidelines and deadlines.  And in reality, I would rather be quilting than doing paperwork!!!

So, now for my big news that I hinted at in my last post……..

Last Fall, I had decided to write a letter to HandiQuilter (the maker of the machines that I quilt on), and introduce myself.  I never heard back, but didn’t really stop too long to think about it, as my goal is always to move forward.  It isn’t unusual to hear back from a teaching proposal with a typical…… “thank you for your proposal/email and we will keep you in mind” …..type of thing.

Anyway…..when you are teaching in a HandiQuilter equipped, hands on classroom, there is a HandiQuilter Educator in that room with you.  I have to tell you that this made me extremely nervous, but they (Diane & Susan) were so nice that I instantly felt like we could be fast friends.  After my second day of teaching (this was my long day of classes), I got back to my room and had an email from HandiQuilter Corporate asking me to contact them that evening.  I was terrified……but no need for that….lol!!!  As I was talking to HandiQuilter, they said that I was coming to them as very highly recommended and that they would love to have me join their team as a HandiQuilter Educator and travel for them to attend events that they schedule.  Oh my gosh!!!  I couldn’t even answer that night, as I was exhausted, but after giving it thought for a couple of days, I told them yes!!!!  So, not only will I be able to quilt and teach personally, but I will also get to travel to HandiQuilter events when needed and represent the machines that I love so much!!

I have already met the CEO of the company and several Educators, and have been welcomed with open arms, and on the 24th I leave for three days of training in Salt Lake City.  I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity!!

So… advice to everyone….persevere!!!!

Happy Quilting!!


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MQX – What a week!!!

Well, my first National Show is now over and I can say that it went as smooth as it possibly could.  Six weeks of preparation and 1 day to unpack….lol!!!

It all started with the drive up there, which went fairly smoothly, although the car was packed to the brim!!  We arrived and two cart loads later, had all of our luggage and class supplies up into our room.

Day 1 of classes started with a Beginner’s Free Motion Class on the HandiQuilter Sweet 16 Sit Down Long arm.  Now, I have taught this class as well as the others, numerous times, but I was feeling a little intimidated as I knew that a HandiQuilter Educator was going to be in the room with me the entire time to handle any machine issues.  Not only that, but as you can see from the picture below, we were in a kind of fishbowl type classroom where we often had a row of onlookers checking out the classes….lol!!


The Beginner’s Class went well, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  Only one class that first day, but the second day was three classes back to back.  We started with Advanced Free Motion for four hours, then moved to a different class and I did the “How Should I Quilt This?” lecture, which was sold out!!  Then on to a Beginner’s Class Lecture/Demo on the HandiQuilter Avante stand up longarm.  Phew……it was a long day, but it just flew by!!  The last day was the Intermediate Class on the Sweet 16, which was also a success.  After that, we had time to browse the show….and of course shop a little….before heading home. Here is a picture from one of my classrooms:


The awards ceremony on Wednesday evening was very nice and Ellen’s Quilt won Third Place in the Bed Quilt Category.20160408_124940_resized


Here are all the quilts hanging at the show between mine and my customers:

These are both Nancy’s quilts, and Nancy quilted this first one herself.

20160406_195313_resized 20160406_195450_resized

This quilt is Ellen’s and it was awarded a Teacher Award from Judi Madsen.  The other cool thing about this was that they left the back open so people could look at the back also.20160407_121043_resized_1


This is Ellen’s also.  There were always people stopping and admiring this as it was so unique!!



This is the back of Ellen’s 3rd place quilt!20160406_191108_resized

Here are my two that were hanging at the show, plus my Alfred Shaheen panel.




My friend, Jamie, also had an Alfred Shaheen panel hanging.  It looked beautiful!!



It was a whirlwind week and I wouldn’t change anything about it!!  I want to thank Cissy for going with me and helping me get from class to class and manning the sales table.  I couldn’t have done it without her!!

On another note……I wanted to let everyone know that AQS has hired me to teach at Syracuse this July.

I will have another big announcement in the next few days too……………so stay tuned!!!

Happy Quilting!!

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