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Only 5 more sleeps til I’m On The Road!!!

So…..this time next week, I will be teaching my very first class at MQX New Hampshire!!   I am excited and nervous all at the same time!!   I feel like I have been getting  ready for the last  six weeks!!  Phew!!  Thankfully, I have had the help of my Mom, my daughter and a couple of friends who have helped me try to think of everything that will be needed.  I can’t believe all the work that goes in to preparing to teach at a show!!!  I keep on telling myself that once I have it all done one time, then from there on out it will be easier…….lol!!!  Not sure if that is true or not, but time will tell!!  Thankfully, my friend, Cissy, will be travelling with me and helping me juggle everything…..what a blessing that will be!!!

In preparation for teaching, I have reached out to a couple of  well known longarmers/teachers, and they have been so kind and helpful to me.  Jamie Wallen encouraged me to apply to teach, which is the reason I was able to get up enough courage to give it a try and he was also very helpful in suggestions as a instructor.  Lisa Calle has been a wealth of information and has answered all of my questions, and believe me, I have had many, and there have been numerous emails exchanged.  I will never be able to thank her enough!!  I can only hope that one day I can do the same for someone else!!

As some of you already know, I recently developed a couple of Longarm rulers for free motion quilting.  My friend, George, was a huge help in getting prototypes done so that I could make adjustments to them before I actually had them manufactured.  These rulers can be used on both longarms and domestic machines in your free motion quilting/custom quilting journey.  They can be ordered on the website “store” page.











I am currently teaching at several different quilt shops and also have some other engagements.
If you ever want to check out where I will be teaching/speaking, I am trying to keep my “events page” as current as possible.

I have had two of my own quilts juried into the MQX show and two of my customers have quilts that have been juried into the show also.  Here is a picture of my quilts, and I can’t wait to see them hanging at the show.

I designed and quilted this quilt. I am naming it "Against All Odds".

I designed and quilted this quilt. I am naming it “Against All Odds”.

20150815_095021_resizedI also opted to do a exhibition piece from a Alfred Shaheen hand painted panel.  This will be hanging in a Alfred Shaheen special exhibit in New Hampshire and in Springfield, Illinois in October.


Two of my customers also had quilts juried into the MQX show.  Wishing them both well and hoping that someone ends up with a ribbon, although just the fact that they will be hanging is a great achievement!!

Ellen’s Quilts at MQX:20150403_091457 20150929_101312 20160109_095251_resized

Nancy had two quilts juried in….one that I quilted and one she quilted herself.  Here is the one that I quilted:



I will probably not write any more blog posts until I get back from MQX, however, keep a watch on my Facebook page and my Instagram, as I will be posting pictures while I am away!!!


Happy Quilting!!!

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Free Motion Quilting Classes & Workbooks!!

I have had such a great time teaching free motion quilting (along with a couple of other classes) this past year and 2016 is off to a great start.  I never knew that I would like to teach as much as I have.  I so enjoy all the students who are so eager to learn to finish their own quilts or to learn new techniques.



Shadow Trapunto Class

I have to say that I feel like a proud Mama when someone shows me a quilt that they have free motion quilted after taking one of my classes.

It dawned on me as I was teaching the classes that students needed a way to practice before committing their designs to fabric.  They also needed a way to be able to doodle the designs, but some were having trouble with that.

I came up with the idea to make my own workbooks.  They have been a huge success and my students really seem to be “getting it” and learning the designs.  Woohoo!!!  My goal is to equip each person with as much knowledge and as many tools for learning this skill, as possible.

To date I have the following workbooks:  Beginner’s Free Motion, Intermediate I Free Motion, Intermediate II Free Motion and Feathers in Free Motion.

Beginnger Free Motion BookIntermediate I Free Motion Book


Feathers Free Motion Book

I am currently working on an Advanced Book, which should be available within a few weeks!!

As I said, my goal is to make it possible for quilters to learn to custom free motion their own quilt tops.   To check out my products, go to the Store page.   Another exciting thing is that I was able to have my own free motion rulers produced.  More on that in the next post though!!

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate my friend, Diane Califano, on her first published quilt book!!  She is at AQS Lancaster in the Author’s corner over the next couple of days.  Stop by and say hello if you get the chance.

AQS1563 IMG_2264_resized



Well, I am off to work on some quilty stuff!!  Happy quilting everyone!!

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