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MQX Here I Come!!!!

As many of you know, this year has been my year to “just try”…..knowing that the worst that could happen is that what I try either doesn’t work out or I get told “no”…..which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I attended a quilt guild meeting this month where the guest speaker was a gentleman who is also a quilter and likes to submit to magazines to see if he can get published, and what I took away from his talk is that even if you get rejected by one magazine, you just keep on trying, because someone will eventually say “yes”.

So, this year I decided to submit a teaching proposal to MQX National Quilt Show in New Hampshire……and boy was I surprised when I received an “acceptance letter” and a contract to sign.  That was quite a few weeks ago, and I am still pinching myself to make sure that it is really happening!!

I teach locally at local quilt shops and have found that I truly do love teaching.  There is nothing better than when I see a quilter figure out that they can quilt their own quilt tops.  I have developed my own teaching style/program that everyone seems to really enjoy.  In fact, the other night at another Quilt Guild meeting, I had a student say this “I have taken many classes over the years, and I have never learned as much as I did from Jane’s classes”.  Everyone, even beginners, leave my class with ideas and designs to quilt their quilts with many different designs.



Anyway, I am so excited to be able to teach at MQX and have already started planning.  I am so excited to be teaching three of my classes on HandiQuilter Sweet 16 Sit-Down Longarms  in hands on classes, which will allow quilters who have never done free motion quilting before to try their hand at not only learning free motion quilting, but quilting on a longarm machine!!!

The classes I am teaching are:

Beginning Your Journey on a HQ16 Sit-Down Longarm
Continuing Your Journey on a HQ Sit-Down Longarm
Custom Quilting At It’s Best-Advanced Free Motion on a HQ16 Sit-Down Longarm
Lecture/Demo for Free Motion on a Stand Up Longarm
Lecture on “How Should I Quilt This?”

If you are planning on attending, click on the link to register or just browse to see what classes are available.  This show is filled with wonderful teachers.  MQX Classes

Of course, I didn’t want to end this blog post without posting a little eye candy for you!!!


Three table runners made by Andie!!


Bathing Suit Quilt made by Sharon.


Happy Quilting!!!


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A “Best of Show” for Nancy!!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Nancy on her quilt that won “Best of Show” at the Undercover Quilters Quilt Show in Pennsylvania!!


This pattern is from Erin Underwood, although Nancy added some applique to it, to give a personalized touch.  This quilt was a dream to quilt!!

Here is a picture of the quilt before I had returned it to Nancy.

Nancy's Chinese Fan Quilt.

Nancy’s Chinese Fan Quilt.

Also, congratulations to Nancy’s husband, John, who also entered a beautiful quilt at this show and won Third Place.  I have not seen this quilt in person, but from what I can see it looks absolutely amazing!!



For those of you that live locally, I would like to promote a quilt show (Shore Love Quilting Show & Market) that the Olde Kent Quilters Guild are having on October 30 from 10am-7pm and October 31 from  9am-3pm, in Chestertown, MD.  This show is always such a great show to attend so I hope that you all will take the opportunity to go see some amazing quilts.  You won’t want to miss this show!!

Congratulations again to John and Nancy!!  Well done!!!

Happy Quilting, everyone!!

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Learning a New Technique

I recently read about a new technique on the blog of Angela Walters.  Her blog is at

Once I saw her post, I just knew that I had to try this technique.  I just wanted to share with all of you how cool this looks.  This is a layer of backing fabric, batting, and two top fabrics.  The one top fabric you cut away after you quilt those sections, and then you finish quilting the rest of the top.  After that, you can choose to cut out small sections if you want….which of course, I did.  To read more about the technique, hop on over to Angela’s blog and check it out.

Here is how mine turned out.  I have to say that I just love it!!!  Oh the possibilities this brings to mind is just crazy!!  The binding wasn’t on this when I took the picture……but I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!!



An update about my Instagram/Social Media……

So……for those of you that follow me on my blog, I wanted to let you know about a change that I have made.

As many of you know, I am a fan of Instagram and post on there quite frequently, but I realized that this left those of you out, that don’t have an Instagram account.  So I have added my Instagram account to the right side of my home page on my blog.  Now you can all enjoy those pictures too.  I hope you enjoy!!

Happy Quilting!!


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Teaching, Quilts & More!!

The past few weeks seem to have gone by in a blur.  Every day I intend on writing a post for the blog and it seems my days have gotten away from me.   I was blessed with a new granddaughter one month ago today and I have been busy quilting and teaching and brainstorming on new projects!!

I have had the opportunity to teach free motion quilting to quite a few quilters over the past several months and it is always a treat to see quilters learn to finish their own quilts.  The classes have ranged from beginner free motion quilting to intermediate free motion quilting to this past week we had a intermediate group take a pre-printed mini whole cloth and learn to free motion on it and then add some extra quilting to it to “make it their own”.  Everyone did such a great job!!

While teaching an intermediate class, I heard the students saying that they wish they had a book or a way to practice the designs I was teaching.  So….I started working on a workbook!!  One for Beginners and one for Intermediate….with more workbooks to come!!  These workbooks are an accessory to my classes and I am hoping that they will help quilters gain more confidence in learning these quilting designs.  After this last class, I received a message from one of my students telling me “I finally got it”!!  That just makes me so happy!!!

If anyone is interested, there are several classes coming up locally…..Beginner Free Motion Quilting on October 24, 2015 from 9-2; Intermediate I Free Motion Quilting on December 1 from 9-2, and  Free Motion Feathers on January 12, 2016 from 9-2.  We will probably add another pre-printed whole cloth class in there somewhere too….and will also be doing an Intermediate II class in the new year.  All of these classes are at my local quilt shop, Peggy’s Sewing Center in Centreville, MD.  I am also going to be looking into teaching/speaking at other venues in the near future.

I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to share with you some of the quilts I have been so fortunate to be able to quilt lately!!

Here is Mary’s Sundance Quilt.  This quilt had it all…..hand applique, machine applique, machine embroidery (as seen in the second picture) and beautiful fabrics and piecing.




The quilt below was made by Ellen.  I had given Ellen a mini charm pack from 1Canoe2 that I had gotten at Spring Quilt Market.  She saw a quilt online similar to this and decided that was how she would use her mini charm pack.  As I was getting ready to quilt it, I decided to go a little “out of the box” on this one, and while it was a little out of my comfort zone, I truly love how it turned out.



Ellen also made a Bathing Suit quilt for her sister that I had a lot of fun quilting!!









Jeannie made this quilt and wanted a “little bit of custom”.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it except that I thought that the light fabric should stand out throughout the entire quilt.





I can’t remember if I posted a picture of Janet’s quilt, so please excuse me if I did already.  This picture doesn’t do this quilt justice!!

20150801_151813_resized 20150801_152118_resized








This quilt top was started by Andie’s mom and then Andie finished it and had it quilted.  I think it turned out beautifully!!










Well, I appreciate you reading my blog and hope that you enjoyed looking at the quilt pictures!!

Happy Quilting!!

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