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Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt

I have to say that Tula Pink fabrics and patterns are ones that I love….especially after meeting her in person at Spring Quilt Market 2015!!  So when I was contacted by Amy to see if I would consider quilting her 100 block City Sampler, I was thrilled!!  As with all of my customers, I put her on the list and was so excited when her quilt came up to the top of the list.




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Each block in this quilt is different and while this is from a Tula Pink book, Amy chose to use all different fabrics.  I loved each and every block of this quilt and as odd as it may sound, I just loved coming up with something different for each block.  Amy was kind enough to send along the book with her quilt so that if I got stuck on a block, I could reference the book.  I truly did enjoy looking at the book, but found that each block seemed to speak to me about how I should quilt it…..and if it didn’t…..I just went ahead and started it anyway!!

20150909_193430_resized 20150909_193442_resized 20150909_193515_resized 20150909_193523_resized 20150909_193534_resized

20150912_181021_resized 20150912_181027_resized

I tried something a little different in the sashing, and while I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, I am really loving the look of it once it is on the entire quilt!!

The borders I wanted to do a little differently also, so they ended up like this!!

20150910_202454_resized 20150910_202446_resized


All in all this is a beautiful quilt and Amy plans on hanging it so she can enjoy it’s beauty.  She really did an amazing job piecing this quilt and I know that I loved quilting it.  I had a hard time sending it back to her (she lives in Missouri), as I kept on thinking how much fun it would be to have a quilt like this of my own!   I am thinking I am going to have to put this on my list of quilts I want to make for myself!!

I used Quilter’s Dream Deluxe Poly batting, thinking that since it was going to hang, that this would make it sturdier without adding a lot of extra weight.  I used Superior So Fine #50 thread.

I went ahead and shipped the quilt back to Amy and then for a couple of days, I sat on pins and needles, waiting for her to receive the quilt and let me know if she liked it.  It is always a worry to me that my interpretation of the quilt and how it should be quilted won’t live up to what the customer had in mind.  Amy had given me free reign, but had asked that I keep in mind that she wanted it to be more modern quilting than traditional.  Well, thankfully, I received a message that she just loved it and I am so happy!!

Here are some pictures of the quilt for you to enjoy!!

20150913_105729_resized 20150913_105735_resized

20150913_110159_resized 20150913_110413_resized



20150913_110250_resized 20150913_110246_resized

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed quilting this quilt!!  Thank you to Amy for entrusting me with her work of art!!

Happy Quilting everyone!!

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A Sweet Quilt from Past and Present

I recently was part of a sweet quilt that our local Quilt Guild (Queen Anne’s County Quilt Guild) donated to a very worthy cause.  They used quilt blocks that had been made by a member of ours who is no longer with us.  A few special ladies took those blocks and pieced them together and added a beautiful border.

I then had the privilege of quilting this quilt and what a great time I had!!  I am not a handwork type of person, so as I was quilting this, I had the opportunity to admire all the handwork that went into this quilt and was just amazed!!  I truly admire those that love to do this type of work!!

20150717_095649_resized 20150717_095707_resizedThis quilt was recently donated to the ChesterWye Organization, who will be auctioning it off at their fundraiser event this October.  The ChesterWye Organization raises funds for the ChesterWye Center, which is an organization that Helps Adults with Disabilities to Explore their Possibilities.

If you are interested more in this event, please visit the ChesterWye Foundation website.

A special thank you to the ladies that were involved in making this donation possible and for the vision of seeing a past member’s quilt blocks used in such a loving way!!!  Here is the label that was so nicely put together by Pat Wood.









Happy Quilting!!!

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