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52Quilters Blog Post Today!!

Hello everyone!!  I just wanted to let you know that if you want to read my blog post on the 52Quilters website, to please hop over and read by clicking here.

I probably did not explain very well what 52Quilters is, but here is what is at the top of their page which says it much better than I can.

A social experiment in quilty communication and collaboration. Discover a virtual patchwork of quilters throughout 2015: each week a new quilter will take over the 52Quilters twitter, blog and instagram. The goal of this project is to document the collective crafted life of quilters.

I thank you all for following along!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!

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52 Quilters

This week I will be the guest quilter on the 52Quilters Blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  I hope you will hop over to their blog to see my posts.  This is such a fun and interesting event!!!

52 Quilters is an entire year of reading about the quilting life of a different quilter each week, and the best part is that this is world-wide so you get to see and read all sorts of fun things about how quilters quilt in different countries!!

You can read the blog at

Hope everyone has a very Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Quilting!!

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After Market

Well……I am home from Spring Quilt Market, but still not sure I am rested up.  What an experience this was!!  My very first Quilt Market (hopefully not my last) and traveled with two wonderful ladies!!!


Linda Walsh, Jane Hauprich, Peggy Patterson


First we started out with Schoolhouse, where we were able to go to different classrooms and hear all about upcoming patterns, fabric lines, techniques, etc.  Classes ran the entire day without a chance to stop for lunch (unless you skipped a session of classes).  I had so much information in my head by the end of the day that I really couldn’t process it all!!


Elizabeth Hartman talking about all of her patterns and her fabric line!! Fabulous!!


We then waited 2 1/2 hours in line to go to Sample Spree.  What a fun and CRAZY time that was!!!  But the items for sale were wonderful!!!!  I actually saw some people having to drag their bags out of there, as they were too heavy to pick up!! 🙂

The next day was the beginning of Market!!  Below are pictures of just some of the amazing booths.  I wish I could have taken a picture of each and every one of them, but it is just not possible!!



Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Quilt – Love this!!!




Jen Kingwell’s booth

1 Canoe 2 pictures below.  This is me with one of the two ladies that design 1 Canoe 2 fabric and patterns.  I am so excited because our Local Quilt Shop Owner, Peggy, has ordered the entire line for her shop, which will arrive in October!!!

20150515_130200_resized 20150515_112107_resized




Angela Walters Booth – Amazing lady!!!



Elizabeth Hartman’s booth!! Love these patterns!!!

Like I said, I wish I could post pictures of everything I saw!!  There are so many talented, amazing artists out there!!!

One of my highlights was………..

Meeting Tula Pink!!  What a sweet & talented lady she is!!!!  I love her fabric and patterns!!

20150516_112205(0)_resized 20150516_111827_resized

Next on the agenda was the Moda party…..along with about 700 other people!!  It was a wonderful dinner!!!


Our ticket to get in to the event….a wristband!!






I also was able to meet Carrie Nelson, who works for Moda, but is also the owner of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company!!  What a sweet lady!!


All in all it was a fabulous time.  I have so many ideas and thoughts still whirling around in my head!!!

Oh….another fun thing that a lot of the booths did was to hand out buttons.  Here are the ones that I collected!!  I think I am going to make a mini quilt out of a mini charm pack that I got from the 1 Canoe 2 booth and attach all of these buttons onto it for my “wall of minis”.  It will be a great reminder of a really fun time!!


Happy Quilting!!!!

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Off to Spring Quilt Market!!!

I am off tomorrow to go to Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis for the very first time!  I have to say that  I am pretty excited.  I don’t necessarily know what to expect, but I do know that I will be surrounded by quilt stuff and quilt people!!  What more could you ask for!!!

I will try to take a lot of pictures so I can post them when I return.

In the meantime, here are a few quilts that I have recently had the privilege to quilt.

Nancy's Chinese Fan Quilt.  Pattern by Erin Underwood.

Nancy’s Chinese Fan Quilt. Pattern by Erin Underwood.

Ola's hand applique quilt

Ola’s hand applique quilt

Alma's Wall Hanging

Alma’s Wall Hanging

Phyllis' String Quilt from a Madge Ziegler class

Phyllis’ String Quilt from a Madge Ziegler class

Small Wall Hanging by Jeannie

Small Wall Hanging by Jeannie

Classic Nine Patch made by Jeannie with a friend's Mom's quilt squares.

Classic Nine Patch made by Jeannie with a friend’s Mom’s quilt squares.

I hope that you all have a great week!!

Happy Quilting!!

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