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Home from Paducah!!

Wow!!  What a trip!!  Paducah was everything I thought it would be and MORE!!!!




I have never seen so many beautiful quilts and was just amazed at all of them!!  While I didn’t receive a ribbon, I did get to wear my “Contestant” ribbon while I was there, and it was so fun as people would stop you and tell you “Congratulations!” and I even had one person ask me for my autograph!!  What a hoot!!!


Here are just a few of the quilts that I took pictures of:

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While I was at the show, I was able to visit with my quilt friend, Linda Hrcka, who I met for the first time in person.  She is owner of “The Quilted Pineapple” and is an amazing long armer.  Lisa Bongean (Primitive Gatherings) and Linda worked on a quilt together and had it entered in the show and it won a 2nd place ribbon.  Isn’t it beautiful!!!


I also had an opportunity to talk “long arming” with Jamie Wallen.  He was doing demos and had an area set up in the Paper Pieces building.  I have taken a class from him in the past and it was just nice to chat with him in a casual setting!!  He is such a caring and humble person!!!

My friend, Diane, had an opportunity to chat with her AQS Publisher, Kim, about her publication.  And I think the highlight of her trip was spending some time chatting with Ricky Timms!!!!  I will fill you in more on her upcoming publication as I get more information.




The highlight of my trip was meeting Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts).  I had stopped by her booth and was just going to get a picture with her, but as we were standing there, I told her how I loved her patterns.  I explained that quite a few of my customers have made many quilts from her patterns and how I have enjoyed quilting them.  She was very inquisitive about my quilting and she noticed that I had my “contestant” ribbon on and asked me where my quilt was.  When I told her it was on the other side of the floor we were on, she left her booth, and had me take her over to show her my quilt.  She was admiring how I did my feathers and then asked me for my business card.  She said that she may be calling me as she liked my quilting.  She is such a sweet person and I so enjoyed meeting her and chatting with her!!!  I think I had a smile on my face the rest of the trip just thinking about that experience.

Edyta and I at her Laundry Basket Quilts Booth

Edyta and I at her Laundry Basket Quilts Booth




Walking over to see my quilt

Walking over to see my quilt









The Quilt Museum was fabulous as was the downtown area!!


Paducah was a wonderful trip and I am pretty sure that I will try to make it back there again!!!!

For my friends that love bling (and you know who you are!!)…..these two pictures are for you!!


Happy Quilting!!!!

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Off to Paducah!!!

So  this afternoon I am leaving for my first trip to the AQS Paducah Quilt Show.  I have to tell you that I am beyond excited!!!!

I will be sure to post some pictures from the quilt show when I get the chance.

This past week AQS had this on their Facebook page and the white quilt is mine!!!  What a pleasant surprise that was!!!



Have a great week and…….

Happy Quilting!!!

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A Sneak Peak at Jolly Aviatrix!!

As promised, I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what I was recently busy working on.  This quilt just makes me happy!!!  So bright and cheerful!!!



Ellen pieced this quilt using a pattern entitled, Aviatrix, from Elizabeth Hartman (she has some great patterns on her website) and used Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids, plus the Brandon Mably fabric, which is called Jolly.






I love how this secondary pattern happened in this section!!

On this quilt, we used two layers of batting….Quilters Dream poly as the bottom layer and Quilters Dream Wool on top.  For the first time ever, I tried Superior’s MonoPoly clear thread, which worked out well to blend in with the fabrics and I used WonderFil’s Invisifil 100 wt thread on the bobbin.

This quilt was a blast to work on and Ellen did an awesome job with the colors and piecing!!!

Happy Quilting!!!



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My Rainbow Mini Swap Has Arrived!!!

If you have been following me, then you will remember that back in January I wrote that I had signed up for an Instagram Mini Swap called the #RainbowMiniSwap.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had planning the swap for my partner and buying a few extras to send along in her package.  I even included some special treats for her dog!!

My partner (Emily in Florida – @emily67855) received her package from me and just loved it (and so did Macy, her dog)!!  Thank goodness!!!!  Not only did I get to make something for someone I didn’t know, but now I have a new friend!!




This weekend I received my swap from my swap partner that had my name…..and it came all the way from Australia!!!!!




If you look closely at the upper right hand corner, you can see how expensive it is to ship from Australia…..goodness!!!!

When I opened the envelope it was wrapped so pretty and the note that was attached was so nice.  She even sent a book for my granddaughter!!!




Below is a picture of all the loot!!  In my package was…..My mini, a beautiful bag, a gorgeous piece of fabric, some treats that are typical treats in Australia, and a book for my granddaughter, which is the most adorable book!!!



Here is the mini!!  It is just beautiful!!  I am so thrilled with it!!!! I have been watching others make minis like this and have been wanting to make my own, and now I won’t have to!!  It is just so pretty and I have decided that I am going to start a wall of minis (my own and my swap minis) in my sewing room.


I have had the opportunity to chat with my swap partner via Instagram and learned that she has only been sewing for about 12 months.  Didn’t she do a wonderful job on this?!?!?!!!!!  I also have learned how fabric in Australia is hard to come by.  Apparently, there aren’t many quilt shops, and those shops don’t carry much in the line of designer quilting fabric.

So a special thank you to my new friend, Emma (@emmieloulily)!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!


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