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Delectable Mountain Quilt

Last week I worked on this gorgeous quilt that was pieced by Eileen using the Delectable Mountain pattern by Eleanor Burns.  See a tutorial here.

Here is a picture of the quilt before it was quilted……

Quilt Top

Quilt Top

I was not familiar with this pattern, but I fell in love with this design!!!  And as soon as I saw it, I thought that feathers would look amazing on this quilt!!

In the border, I used Jamie Wallen’s Curling Amish Feather.

Curling Amish Feather Border

Curling Amish Feather Border

I had sketched out a drawing that I was pretty happy with, so I decided to stick with that the entire way and just keep quilting feathers…….and…….. more feathers!!!!  This second row of feathers is a more traditional feather.



Next up was the middle section which I tried to do a little differently than the rest.

Center Section of Quilt

Center Section of Quilt

And finally, the entire quilt is finished!!!!  Feathers, Feathers, Everywhere!!!!

20150321_103642_resized 20150321_103845_resized

This quilt was quilted using Superior Threads So Fine #50 and used Quilter’s Dream Wool Batting.  This batting tends to make the quilting pop!!!

Happy Quilting!!!!

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A Quilt for Oliver!!!

I recently had the pleasure of making a quilt for a little boy that I have never met before.  I know his Mom only on Facebook (basically through my daughter), but his pictures and their story of living overseas in Japan while her husband is in the military struck a cord with me.

Do you ever get a thought in your mind that just doesn’t want to go away?  I do…..and I normally just push it aside and try to disregard it if I really am not feeling like I want to take the time to do it.  Well, that happened with this quilt!!  I had been having this idea or thought pop into my mind for a couple of months that I should make Oliver a quilt.  And, as usual, I kept on pushing that thought aside thinking that I just didn’t have the time for it.

But, the thought kept on coming and was becoming more persistent all the time.  In these cases, I am pretty sure it is God telling me that I need listen and just Do It!!!!  So, I was at my local quilt shop (Peggy’s Sewing Center), and saw some of these cute fabrics and just thought that I better just go ahead and made the quilt.  Some fabrics were from my stash and some were purchased just for this quilt.

At Christmas time, I had sent Oliver two Christmas Pillow Cases, which his Mom says he still is using.  Knowing someone is appreciating your handiwork is so awesome!!!

I went ahead and just did a take on an “I Spy” type quilt to make it simple.  I think it turned out really cute.  Isn’t it great how sometimes the simplest of patterns turn out so nice?!?!


Anyway, after being in the mail for a month, I received word two days ago that Oliver has received the quilt and is just loving it!!  He even wanted to take it to school with him!!!

11068766_10100196959176069_625928238_n (2)11081694_10100196959136149_12886663_n (2)

Sometimes we do things because we want to and sometimes we do them “just because” but regardless of why we do them, it seems like not only do the recipients receive your gift, but you are blessed more than anyone can know.  Seeing Oliver’s expression and knowing that you brought something special to a special family makes it all worth it!!!!!!

I have recently been getting thoughts about another gift for someone else, but I have been putting it off again!!!  You would think that I would learn to listen…!!!!!!

Happy Quilting!!!

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Happy National Quilting Day!!!!

So today is National Quilting Day!!!  What are you going to work on today???

For me, I am going to finish up a small wall hanging for one customer and deliver a finished quilt to another customer!!

Here is a sneak peak of the one quilt that I am returning today and I promise to write a post on this one very soon.


Recently, one of my customer’s quilts was chosen to hang in the Lancaster AQS Show and we made a trip up to see the quilt.  While we didn’t get any ribbons, it was just an honor to have it hang there and allow it to be admired by others!!

Beauty at AQS Lancaster

Beauty at AQS Lancaster

This week I also sent my own quilt off to Manchester, NH to hang at the MQX Show in April.  Again, I don’t expect any ribbons, and hopefully I will be able to find someone that is going so that I can get a picture of it hanging up there.

Round She Goes!

Round She Goes!

By the end of this coming week, I will need to get my other miniature quilt into the mail to hang at the Paducah, Kentucky show at AQS Paducah.  That one I will be able to get a picture of in person, as I have made plans to attend…..and I can’t wait!!!!!  Paducah has been on my bucket list for years, so this is a great excuse to go this year!!



I hope that everyone finds time to quilt this weekend or upcoming week and has a great start to Spring!!!!  Personally, I am so excited about the thought of warmer weather!!!

Happy Quilting!!


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The Flight of the Butterfly

This Butterfly quilt recently came off of my frame and I just loved it from the first time I saw it.  The piecing was amazing and the colors were just phenomenal.

Quilt top

Quilt top

As usual, I started with a picture of the quilt and doodled on the picture until I had a general idea of what I wanted to do.  Every time I looked at the picture and looked at the quilt I saw feathers, and since Gina (my customer) said she liked feathers……feathers it was!!!



First I started with a curling feather on the border.  This is one of my favorite border treatments which I learned from watching Jamie Wallen tutorials.


The wings of the butterfly are quilted with one side of a feather up each wing section.  This seemed to me to give it some movement.

Butterfly Quilt (2)


I stitched the body of the butterfly with Superior Threads variegated silver metallic thread.




Here is the final quilt!!

Butterfly Quilt



I used two layers of batting on this one….Quilters Dream cotton and Quilters Dream Wool.  I love quilting on wool, however, if you intend on hanging a quilt at a show or at home on a wall, it is best to double batt so that it hangs well.

The thread is Superior Thread So Fine.  The pattern is from the book “Quilts Without Corners” by Cheryl Phillips and the pattern is called Butterfly Reborn.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm on this snowy day!!

Happy Quilting!!

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