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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


As we are approaching the beginning of the Holiday Season, I cannot help but reflect on this past year and be so thankful for all of my customers for entrusting me with their quilts…… for my quilt guild and quilt group for encouraging me along the way and being my cheerleaders…..and for my friends and family who have been behind me all along!!

I am so thankful for each and every one of you!!! 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  

Our family will be waiting until Saturday this year to have our “big” Thanksgiving dinner, as that is when everyone is able to be here with us, but no matter what day we choose to celebrate, it is just important that we get to spend time together with one another!!

I know that most of you will be busy working on projects before Christmas, along with all the other holiday preparations, but I hope that you all find time to enjoy the relationships that you have with one another, as they are so very important!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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All the pieces stayed together!!

This year I had the honor of quilting a quilt for the 3rd grade math class at The Kent School in Chestertown, MD.

kent school 1

As part of their Geometry unit, the 3rd grade students explored the different ways that a three inch square can be divided into fractional parts of a whole.  Each design had to be unique and it had to fit inside of a nine square block.

kent school 3

kent school 2


They first used  paper shapes and a template to experiment on designing the blocks.  Their teachers, along with quilter/volunteer, Ellen,  helped with the paper designs and with the fabric choices when it came time to pick their fabric for the quilt.  Once the students had their blocks to their liking along with their fabric choices, they were sent off with Ellen to sew.  After the sewn blocks were returned to class, they then had to decide the quilt layout, sashing, cornerstones, and borders.

kent school 4kent school 5

Once they had the layout, all the pieces went back to Ellen to sew together.  With the quilt top finished, it was  sent to me.  Since it was for a math class, I thought it would be fun to do shapes in each of the blank squares.

DSC05511      kent school 6

Ellen also made each of the students their own block that was quilted so that they would have something to take home.

kent school 7

Not only did the students learn about math, but they also learned about the quilting process and hopefully a few of them will want to make their own quilts one day!!


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Hand Applique Quilts!!

Many of my customers do amazing hand appliqué on their quilts.  It always amazes me how beautiful they are, and I think part of that reason is because not only is their handwork impeccable, but  I just don’t like that “HW” word  (hand work)  very much, so anyone that does it on a large scale such as these quilts, just amazes me.

The time that goes in to each of these quilts is astounding and they should all be proud of their workmanship.

For those of you, who like me, don’t really like HW very much or just don’t know much about it,  here are a couple of explanations/videos that may help:

Hand Applique Video  or  Hand Applique Directions

Here is a sampling of some of the hand appliqué quilts that I have had the honor of quilting.

20140602_103250_resizedThis wool wall hanging was made by Pat.  It was my first time quilting on wool applique but I really loved it!



Alma1 (763x800)





This Christmas Quilt was made by Alma and had a variety of techniques in it!!


These hand applique quilts were done by Pat.

DSC02445 (1024x646)

DSC05744 (1024x995)DSC04889 (1024x891)


Here are two hand applique quilts done by Lucille:


DSC04871 (1024x760) DSC05258 (964x1024)


Here are a few pictures from Alice’s hand applique quits:

Quilt top 2 20140528_140512_resizedDSC05234

This hand qpplique quilt was done as a group to raise money for our local homeless shelter:

DSC04755 (1024x768)


You all have done beautiful hand work!!!!


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It All Started Two Years Ago!!!

Two years ago this month I opened my own long arm business doing custom quilting.  I really wasn’t sure at the time how I would pull it off, if I was any good at it, or if people would like my work……..but what I did know is that I loved this part of the quilting process.

When my long arm was first installed, by Cottonseed Glory, Annapolis, MD, I actually didn’t even touch it for the first two weeks.  Even though I had used a sit-down long arm for a couple of years, seeing this huge machine on a large frame really intimidated me and my thoughts were “oh my gosh…..what did I do?”  I would open the door to my quilting room and just stand there and look at it, until I finally gained the courage to try it out……and from that point on I haven’t looked back!!

Two years later and I have an awesome group of customers and a love for custom quilting that grows every day.

Here are a few of my first customer quilts….of course, I practiced on my own quilts first and on scrap fabric!!!

An edge to edge with custom borders.

An edge to edge with custom borders made by Toni

DSC04626 (675x1024)

A pineapple quilt that uses Gyleen Fitzgerald’s ruler made by Phyllis.

DSC04627 (947x1024)

Christmas Quilt made by Alma. This one won a Reserved Grand Champion at the local fair.

DSC04624 (1024x851)

This quilt was made by Phyllis and I stitched an image of the geese in the blue background.

Made by Nancy. First time doing anything with this much applique on it. It won Grand Champion at the local fair.

DSC04752 (1024x636)

Striped Dresden quilt made by Ellen. I still love this quilt!!

DSC04540 (800x665)

Marcelle Medallion made by Ellen


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